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2000-09-15 Ashoka, the world’s leading organization in the field of social entrepreneurship, is entering Russia.  We are looking for an entrepreneur who will advance Ashoka’s vision of ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ by:

- Searching and selecting leading social entrepreneurs across Russia;

- Facilitating their interactions with one another and with the global fellowship of 2000 leading social entrepreneurs;

- Creating understanding in society for the role of social entrepreneurs in creating systemic change;

- Build a network of leading business entrepreneurs who share the vision of Ashoka and are willing to champion this change-model within Russian society;

- Developing partnerships with the entrepreneurs and corporations in the business sector that will sustain and accelerate the impact of our fellows;

- Nominating additional staff members to build the team in alignment with Ashoka’s recruitment process and institutional vision.

Launching a strictly a-political, entrepreneurial movement for social change in one’s home country is the most exciting life’s work imaginable:  Ashoka’s asset base of fellows and business partners is an inimitable capital with which to start such a movement, not to mention the fact that the launch of Russia’s first round of fellows is already fully funded.

The  Profile. For all Ashoka team members, we look for people who have: a) a life-long track-record of excellence and entrepreneurship; b) a strong team-mentality and joy in making others succeed within a collegial environment; c) an understanding of the historical opportunity to create cross-sectoral solutions to social problems; d) clear dedication to the public good; e) a high degree of integrity and ethical fiber. We hire by type, not by role.  We need people who invent new systems, who are creative in solving problems, and eager to forge new connections between the business and social sectors that will accelerate the rate of innovation and change in areas where societies are stuck. We hire into a community of excellence, of committed and like-minded colleagues around the world, who are joined by a deep commitment to high-leverage social change.  Proficiency in English is a must, in order to enable seamless communication between our global staff members, now spread out over 48 countries.

Given the particular challenges that history, politics and the present status of civil society in Russia create for any social change movement in Russia, in addition to the above mentioned criteria, this person will need to display: a) High level of familiarity with and passion for Russia—not just Moscow (although Moscow as a hub seems to make sense from a business-network perspective); b) Ability to create a strategy for realizing Ashoka’s empowering “Everyone a Changemaker Vision” without getting into trouble with authorities, i.e. highly clever and strategic, while being 100% true to vision and self; c) High level of emotional intelligence and quality of judgement with regards to people; d) Ability to identify and create relationships with the partners who could facilitate this launch.

The Institution. Integrated. Decentralized. Ashoka works in an integrated, decentralized fashion, ensuring close coordination by having each team member wear both a regional hat and the hat of a global program that they drive forward within their region as a whole. A community of entrepreneurs  Ashoka is set up not as a hierarchical pyramid, but as a flat, networked platform for entrepreneurial individuals, working in teams to move specific levers of change. Our team members, whether junior or senior, are expected to find a career’s worth of opportunities to invent and shape within Ashoka as a global institution.  The leadership of Ashoka global is structured as a partnership, with rotations in the presidency and other key operational roles.

Interested?  Ideas?   As in our selection of fellows, our search for team members relies on a network of nominators.  If you are either a candidate or know of someone whom we should be recruiting, please contact Этот e-mail защищен от спам-ботов. Для его просмотра в вашем браузере должна быть включена поддержка Java-script .  We will send you a complete packet of information about Ashoka and a guide to the series of conversations that make up our process of exploring a fit between Ashoka and potential team members. 

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