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Ref. #  88

To the Russian Information Agency “NOVOSTI” requirement

on the trademarks protection in the Internet

In concordance with part 1 article 1477 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as CC RF), the exclusive right on the trademarks is recognized. Such exclusive right on the trademarks is established and guaranteed a “legal monopoly” of trademarks possessor of rights.
The legislator directly point out that a exclusive right on the trademarks makes it possible to the possessor of rights to use such trademark in the Internet, including in the domain names (point 5 part 2 article 1484 CC RF). Thereby, we can draw a conclusion that the exclusive right on the trademarks in the Internet is recognized and protected by Russian Federation in corpora.

I am given to understand that RIA Novosti registered the following trademarks:
MN, The Moscow News and "Anbaa Moscow". 
I am also given to understand that the third of these trademarks phonetically reads “Anbaa Moscow”, which I am informed is the Arabic translation of “Moscow News”. Given the provisions of the CC RF , which I have explained above, the registration of the domain name anbaamoscow.com by anyone else than RIA Novosti is a violation of the trademark rights of RIA Novosti. This is in particular so because Russian trademark law (CC RF, Chapter 76) does not only protect the original version, but also translations of it into other languages and other ways of writing them (Latin/Arabic letters). Its also follows from this that the part 3 of article 1484 of the CC RF is forbid using not only the same, but similar of the trademarks, without permission of the possessor of rights.

Prof., Dr. Mikhail Fedotov
Chairholder of the UNESCO Chair on Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Rights at the State University – Higher School of Economics

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